Products for Microbiology Application



Yeast Malt Broth (YM Broth) is used for the isolation and cultivation of yeasts, moulds and other aciduric microorganisms.

THB 1,890 ฿ 1,890 THB 1,704 ฿ 1,704 -10%


It is rich in vitamins especially those belonging to B complex and is often used to supply these factors in culture media at a concentration of 0.3% to 0.5%. It is particularly used in media for cultivation of microorganisms encountered in milk or other dairy products.Also used with Meat extract B Powder or in place of Meat extract B Powder.

THB 1,350 ฿ 1,350 THB 1,164 ฿ 1,164 -14%


Xylose-Lysine Deoxycholate Agar (XLD Agar) is a selective medium recommended for the isolation and enumeration of Salmonella Typhi and other Salmonella species.

THB 1,790 ฿ 1,790 THB 1,560 ฿ 1,560 -13%


Vogel-Johnson Agar Base (V.J. Agar) with addition of potassium tellurite is recommended for selective isolation of coagulase positive, mannitol fermenting Staphylococcus aureus from heavily contaminated foods and clinical specimens.

THB 1,790 ฿ 1,790 THB 1,584 ฿ 1,584 -12%


Violet Red Bile Agar is selective medium used for the isolation, detection and enumeration of coli-aerogenes bacteria in water, milk, other dairy food products and also from clinical samples.

THB 1,590 ฿ 1,590 THB 1,476 ฿ 1,476 -7%


Urea Agar Base with the addition of Urea is recommended for the detection of urease production, particularly by members of the genus Proteus .

THB 1,800 ฿ 1,800 THB 1,600 ฿ 1,600 -11%


Tryptose phosphate broth is used to supplement cell culture media. It is most commonly used to enhance the growth supporting property of Glasgow’s Minimum Essential Medium for BHK-21 cells. It is also used in insect cell culture media. Users are advised to review the literature for recommendations regarding medium supplementation and physiological growth requirements specific for different cell lines.

THB 2,900 ฿ 2,900 THB 2,520 ฿ 2,520 -13%


It is used in media,for eg,Tryptose media - for cultivation of fastidious microorganisms and for preparing Blood Agars. Since the blood cells are maintained in an excellent state in Tryptose media, haemolytic reactions can be easily demonstrated. Vaccine preparation media - for rapid and luxuriant growth as desired for large scale manufacturing of vaccines and toxins. Tissue culture media - for supplementing tissue culture media for propagation of HeLa Cells.

THB 2,600 ฿ 2,600 THB 2,400 ฿ 2,400 -8%