Accumax Smart® Adjustable Pipette



Accumax Smart® Adjustable Pipette

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Accumax Smart

It was the indefatigable efforts of our design and production teams combined with the feedback received from customers that saw the launch of Accumax SMART series of pipette. Accumax SMART pipette matches all quality parameters required to serve the high end research market. It also excels in user friendly features that make pipetting effortless, less time consuming and a delight.

  • Fully autoclavable without disassembly for maximum convenience as well as protection from contamination
    - Enhanced UV resistance
    - High performance, light weight and easy in operating
    - Fatigue free working with convenient finger rest
    - Made with special materials for better protection against chemical and physical corrosion
    - Pipette handle has coating of Thermoplastic Elastomer to prevent body heat transfer to internal parts for high accuracy even during continuous use
    - Volume display is always visible while pipetting
    - In house cleaning, repair and calibration possible without any special tools
    - New tip cone design for smooth fitting with many trands of tips.
    - Color coding for easy identification
    - Shelf mounting stand for efficient handling and storage
    - Supplied with individual quality certificate (QC) and calibration report according to ISO8655
    - CE IVD Compliant

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