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Accumax PRO Variable Volume Micropipette



Accumax PRO Variable Volume Micropipette

Accumax Pro (VAP)

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Accumax PRO

For years, to gether Accumax PRO has been the fastest selling and a very well accepted pipette in Fine Care Biosystems' product range. Its exceptionally high accuracy and precision, robust quality and fantastic ergonomic design has made it a first choice of pipette in many laboratories in more than 100 countries across world.

ACCUMAX PRO Pipette has special protection made of Thermo Plasto Elastomer (TPE) on its main body, aspiration-dispensing knob and on tip ejector pusher. 

Following are the distinct advantages of using TPE.
   - Minimum transfer of body heat to the pipette resulting in high accuracy even on continuous use
   - Minimum fatigue of hand & fingers
   - Reduced thumb stress
   - Easy identification through color coding
   - Very attractive looks