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Neuation follows ISO 9001: 2015 management systems is an ISO 13485: 2003 certified lab equipment manufacturing enterprise. The products are of international standards and comply with internationally accepted CE standards.

Micro Centrifuges

Microplate Shaker 

Vortex Mixer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrers


Neuation offers a wide range of next generation Micro Centrifuges (Non-refrigerated & Refrigerated) for various applications in research labs for processing low volume samples. 
Micro Centrifuge  ( i Fuge M08)
Micro Centrifuge  ( i Fuge BL08VT)
Mini Centrifuge 15000RPM ( iFuge M1)
Mini Centrifuge 15000 RPM (iFuge D12)


These vortex mixers are next gen Digital Vortex equipped with high power Brushless DC motor which can deliver speed upto 4200 RPM. 
Mini Vortex Mixer with Max RPM of 4200 (iSwix Jr VT)
Analog Vortex Mixer - Max RPM of 2800 (iSwix)
Digital Vortex Mixer - Mac RPM of 4200 (iSwix VT)
Multi Tube Vortex Mixer with Max RPM of 2500 (iSwix MV)
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