CES Services
Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES) is a service that analyzes DNA sequences using a biochemical method. The CES service of Macrogen maximizes customer satisfaction with various service lineups such as identification services, which involves the differentiation and identification of species of living organisms, fragment analysis services, and customized sequencing services newly applied from the existing sequencing method, as well as standard sequencing that is the most common service.

CES is used in a wide range of fields such as a basic research in molecular biology, breeding research, genetic disease research, paternity confirmation and forensic research, and has become a key in the continued development of life sciences.

Separate online order system is also available for customers’ convenience so that they can request a desired service. Monitoring of all processes and follow-up for the results are provided for each ordered sample. 

Standard DNA Sequencing

Standard sequencing is a service that sequences PCR products and plasmid DNA requested by customers. Macrogen provides quicker and more accurate services based on the Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES) automation system and extensive experience. After the results are delivered, an expert in the sequencing field is ready to provide help until the follow-up.

- ABI 3730xl System
- High quality results, Normal read length (1,050bp)
- Real-time monitoring is possible from order receipt to delivery of the results based on Laboratory Information
   Management System (LIMS)
- Results provided within 48 hours of sample receipt
- Free basic analysis service provided (homology search using BlastN and DNA sequence orders)
- Free universal primer 

Standard-seq single

This service prepares Plasmid or PCR product as the most common single primer extension service and performs basic sequence analysis in the section using the primer designated by the customer.

· Service to prepare and request samples in the Individual Tube
· Complimentary one-time response service

ตารางค่าบริการหาลำดับ DNA ตัวอย่างแบบ Individual Tube


ตารางค่าบริการหาลำดับ DNA ตัวอย่างแบบ 96 well plate

1 Primer/Plate Sequencing13,455
Multi primer/Plate Sequencing (From 2 to 6 primers)15,750

Additional Service

PCR product Purification (from unpurified PCR products)90
225PCR Amplification (gel report excluded)225
450Customized PCR amplification (gel report included)450
1,350Gradient PCR amplification1,350
4,500PCR Optimization4,500
225gDNA Preparation - Microorganism225
2,250gDNA Preparation - other (plant)2,250
1,350gDNA Preparation - other (insect, animal, blood, etc.)1,350
225Gel Extraction225

Difficult DNA Sequencing

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In PCR product and Plasmid samples, it may be difficult to verify the sequence result as the basic experimental condition. This service is designed to check for improved sequencing results using non-normal structures and appropriate reagents and conditions.

· siRNA with hairpin structure
· Unusual secondary structure
· GC rich
· Homopolymeric tracts(poly G),
· GT ‒ Repetitive region




Primer Walking

 Seq Order form    DOWNLOAD HERE

Primer walking is a service that analyzes the sequence of plasmids or PCR products that cannot be read at once by single primer extension

It is generally used to obtain about 2 to 10kb of sequence information. End sequencing is performed with a primer provided or specified by the customer, and the internal primer is designed and produced based on the results.

This is extended continuously by redesigning the internal primer in a suitable location from the results obtained by the new primer’s reaction with the same template. Walking takes about 4 days, and can be extended about 500 ‒ 800 bp in one direction.


* ราคายังไม่รวม vat 7%
หมายเหตุ รอบการสั่งสังเคราะห์ทุกวันพฤหัสของสัปดาห์ ระยะเวลาได้รับสินค้าไม่เกิน 7-14 วัน

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