Exosome/Extracellular RNA Sequencing

Exosome/Extracellular RNA Sequencing

Exploration of extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived RNA from biological fluids and cell culture media have been in the center of spot-light for disease marker discovery and identifi­cation of RNA molecules in EV therapy. Macrogen provides exRNA sequencing service including high yield of exosome isolation, quality control of exRNA, high success rate of library preparation, sequencing, and expression profiles of diverse RNA types.

Sequencing Platforms

  • HiSeq 2500

Data Analysis*

  • Standard Data Analysis
    • RNA Composition Analysis
    • Expression Profiles of small RNA (miRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, snRNA, Y RNA, vault RNA) and mRNA
    • Novel miRNA prediction
  • Advanced Data Analysis
    • Differentially expressed small RNAs 
    • Customized Analysis


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