Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES)


1. บริการหาลำดับ DNA (DNA Standard-Sequencing)

  • แบบฟอร์มบริการหาลำดับ DNA   DOWNLOAD HERE 

Standard sequencing is a service that sequences PCR products and plasmid DNA requested by customers.
Macrogen provides quicker and more accurate services based on the Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES)
automation system and extensive experience.
After the results are delivered, an expert in the sequencing field is ready to provide help until the follow-up.

- ABI 3730xl System
- High quality results, Normal read length (1,050bp)
- Real-time monitoring is possible from order receipt to delivery of the results based on Laboratory Information
   Management System (LIMS)
- Results provided within 48 hours of sample receipt
- Free basic analysis service provided (homology search using BlastN and DNA sequence orders)
- Free universal primer 

Standard-seq single

This service prepares Plasmid or PCR product as the most common single primer extension service and performs
basic sequence analysis in the section using the primer designated by the customer.

· Service to prepare and request samples in the Individual Tube
· Complimentary one-time response service

Additional Service

· PCR product Purification Single/Plate
· PCR product Gel extraction
· Gradient PCR(Customer primer set)
· PCR amplification + purification
· Customized PCR amplification + purification (Not standard condition)
· gDNA preparation

2. บริการหาลำดับ DNA (DNA Customized-Sequencing)

We have been dedicating to provide genomic solutions to researchers in all over the world with its advanced DNA
sequencing technology by using ABI 3730XLs. Thanks to over 20 years long know-how and large genomics facility,
we are able to provide our sequencing service from small scale sequencing reactions to large sequencing projects,
we are ready to serve you with our pleasure.

3. Identification Service

  • แบบฟอร์มบริการ Identification   DOWNLOAD HERE   

16S/18S/26S rRNA and ITS region full sequencing is a service that analyzes sequences
by amplifying ribosomal RNA genes of bacteria and fungi (filamentous fungus and yeast)
and confirming homology of target microorganisms using an rRNA database (NCBI).

Macrogen controls and performs all processes from gDNA extraction of bacteria
and fungi (filamentous fungus and yeast) to PCR amplification, purification, sequencing, and BI report.

4. Fragment Analysis

  • แบบฟอร์มบริการ Fragment Analysis   DOWNLOAD HERE 

The fragment analysis service includes various services such as genotyping, DNA profiling,
medical mutation detection and agricultural research.

Macrogen provides a microsatellite analysis (VNTRs) service based on
our extensive experience and expertise.

5. PyroSequencing

  • แบบฟอร์มบริการ PyroSequencing  DOWNLOAD HERE 

Pyrosequencing is a sequencing service using pyrophosphate (PPi) generated when the polymerization of nucleotide with
DNA occurs. Since there are more epigenetics studies on controlling the expression level of certain genes regardless of
DNA sequence, the DNA methylation analysis service is gaining more attention.

For DNA methylation analysis, very accurate and reliable results can be expected by the pyrosequencing service.


· Methylation studies
· SNP & InDel Analysis
· Used for Cancer Studies
    - Even 5% or lower allele frequencies can be found
    - Suitable for somatic Mutation Analysis
    - Di-, tri-, Tetra Allelic Mutation Analysis is available

· Validation for NGS results is available
    - Biomarker verification
    - Validation & verification of GWAS & NGS data

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