Power Supply for Universal Electrophoresis Apparatus, GEP-PH-600D



แบรนด์ : Infitek (China)


  • Parallel output:4 groups
  • Input range:110-250 V is suitable for different countries and regions.
  • Output range:5-600v (1v) 1-1200ma (1ma) 5-300w (1w)
  • Resolution:voltage (1V), current (1mA) and power (1W)


Display screen: 7-inch super-large touch screen, convenient touch operation, automatic generation of numeric keypad during setting, display of clock timing temperature operation status and various prompt operations.
Step by step storage: 10 programs can be edited and saved, and each program can be run in 10 steps.
Protection function: overcurrent, overload, overtemperature, no-load short-circuit load sudden change protection function
Micro-current: The micro-current output can be kept when no one shuts down after the scheduled operation.
Automatic setting: when one of the constant voltage, current and power indexes, the other two indexes will automatically rise to the maximum value, without artificial adjustment.
Appearance: The appearance is tall, full of sense of technology.

Suitable for electrophoresis of common protein and nucleic acid, suitable for one machine with multiple channels.



Parallel output4 groups
Input range110-250 V is suitable for different countries and regions.
Output range5-600v (1v) 1-1200ma (1ma) 5-300w (1w)
Output rangeConstant voltage, constant current and constant power are continuously adjustable, stable and reliable.
Resolutionvoltage (1V), current (1mA) and power (1W)
Timing range1 minute —99 hours and 59 minutes
Testing temperature-20℃~+85℃
Overall dimensions (w× d× h)300× 300× 130mm



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