Simple Bag


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หมวดหมู่ : 9. Food Safety Equipment ForLabs (Korea)

แบรนด์ : ForLabs (Korea)


- Fine filtering of the desired sample is possible with the small and dense filter perforation.
- It is a three-dimensional material with a triple structure and has excellent durability.
- By making a cut-out tab at the bottom and cutting out the relevant part, pipetting is possible at a location close to the sample.
- 25 sample bags are individually packaged in ziplock bags to prevent cross-contamination.
- In line with the eco-friendly trend, a detachable sticker was used instead of a wire.



Simple Bag, 

19*30 cm

Simple Bag, Filter, 

19*30 cm
Sticky Bag, 

19*30 cm
Sticky Bag, Filter

19*30 cm
Unit500 ea/box500 ea/box500 ea/box500 ea/box












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