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Automated Magnetic Bead Extraction Technology
The TANBead Blood Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent Kit provides a rapid and automated technical solution for nucleic acid extraction from blood specimens. The extracted RNA product with low interfering substances can be applied to Real-time PCR or Real-time RT-PCR and other downstream detection assays to assist in cancer diagnosis or virus detection.

Product Feature

  • Applicable to whole blood samples.
  • Rapid and automated nucleic acid extraction with a choice of different throughputs.
  • Can be directly applied to downstream detection assays.

Product Introduction

TANBead Blood RNA kit (621 series)
This TANBead Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (621 series products with Blood RNA Auto Tube/ Plate) utilizes the nano-magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction system, together with the exclusive patented whirl stir-mixing automated nucleic acid extraction benchtop instrument, which can automatically extract RNA from whole blood. This nucleic acid extraction system greatly shorten the manual operation time, reduce human error, and can be applied to PCR-based downstream detection such as RT-PCR / qPCR/ Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), assisting in the detection of hepatitis and HIV, or the diagnosis of malignant diseases such as leukemia. This reagent kit product is intended for medical diagnosis or scientific research.

Since 2004, TANBead has been committed to the design, research and development of innovative medical devices, providing a series of automated nucleic acid extraction benchtop instruments and reagent kit products for In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD). TANBead strictly abides by the quality system specifications, and provides customers with highly stable and efficient nucleic acid extraction solutions that can meet their highest requirements for the quality of extracted nucleic acid products.


Sample Type : Whole blood

Ordering 621 Series, Blood RNA
PNTANBead Nucleic Acid Extraction KitReference No.ClassTestUOM
301490Blood RNA Auto PlateM621A46RUO96Box
301491Blood RNA Auto TubeM621S46RUO96Box
301400Blood RNA Auto PlateM621A46IVD96Box
301401Blood RNA Auto TubeM621S46IVD96Box
301496Blood RNA Auto PlateW621A46RUO96Box
301497Blood RNA Auto TubeW621S66RUO72Box
301402Blood RNA Auto PlateW621A46IVD96Box
301403Blood RNA Auto TubeW621S66IVD72Box
301725Blood RNA Auto KitM621046RUO96Box


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