Maelstrom Switch 8 Automated DNA / RNA Purification Platform


SKU : Maelstrom Switch 8

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Maelstrom Switch 8 is a nucleic acid extraction design for flexible, diversity, convenient and applicable
Maelstrom Switch 8 combines superior instrument capabilities with changeable gearboxes, delivering unrivaled flexibility and performance

Key features

  • Changeable gearbox match TANBead's 96-deepwell, 24-deepwell and auto-tube
  • Consumable parts support sample volume for different needs
  • Fool-proof design refrain from operation error

Product Introduction

Maelstrom Switch 8 is an automated nucleic acid extraction, introduced TANBead spin-mixing patented technology prevents the risk of sample cross-contamination. Maelstrom Switch 8 creates value to customers, diversity and convenient, designed for changeable gearboxes, processing different volume of samples for flexible needs.


TANBead Malestrom Switch 8 - Automation vs Manual Operation
Why the Switch 8 becomes such a big hit?
Probably not only the modern and ingenious outlook, but the total automated operation processing, which can be your best time saver and improve stability and efficiency if you need to deal with large amounts of different samples.

Let's check out how Switch 8 gets your back!

TANBead Malestrom Switch 8 - Automation vs Manual Operation


ModelMaelstrom Switch 8
Max. ThroughputLow Volume: Max 16 samples/run; High Volume: Max 4 samples/run
Power rating100~240Vac, 2.3~1.1A, 50/60Hz
Process volumeLow Volume: 50~1,200μL High Volume: 100~9,000μL
Spin speed500~3,000rpm
Heater1 independent heater
Magnetic rodLow Volume: >3,900 gauss High Volume: >4,700 gauss
Display7-inch touchscreen


Consumables for Switch 8
PNProduct DescriptionUOMPackaging 
089.M0700.0014 throughput gearbox
Process Volume: 0.1-9 mL
089.M0701.0018 throughput gearbox
Process Volume: 0.05-1.6 mL
089.M0702.0018+ throughput gearbox
Process Volume: 0.05-1.6 mL
083.MWP01.20X96 Deep WellCarton100pcs/carton
083.MSP16.20X48 Spin Tips Assembled BoxCarton80 boxes/ Carton
083.MSP17.20X96 Spin Tips Assembled BoxCarton80 boxes/ Carton
10414316 Auto TubeCarton1,536 pcs/carton
056.CSM13.00216 Base BCarton200 pcs/carton
Consumables for Switch 8 (4-channel gear box)
PNProduct DescriptionUOMPackaging 
10414724 Deep Well HolderCarton48 pcs/carton
056.CSM10.00224 Deep WellCarton48 pcs/carton
10414224 Spin Tip HolderCarton500 pcs/carton
10414124 Spin TipCarton3,000 pcs/carton


 Maelstrom Switch 8 User Manual English Version for IVD

 Maelstrom Switch 8 Changing a GearBox Instruction

 Maelstrom Switch 8 Import Programs Instruction

 Maelstrom Switch 8 User Manual English Version for RUO


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