M12 Complete™ Electrophoresis Package


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หมวดหมู่ : 12. Lab Equipment Electrophoresis system EDVOTEK

แบรนด์ : EVDOTEK


Run the full spectrum of horizontal electrophoresis experiments with this versatile package! Our newly reimagined M12 Complete™ supports one or two student groups in two standard length gel trays for experiments that require less separation, or one long gel tray for experiments that require more. Produces excellent results in 15-30 minutes and includes a lifetime warranty.


  • Sleek New Design Speeds Electrophoresis
  • Includes Complete Set of New & Improved Electrophoresis Accessories
  • Now Includes a DNA DuraGel™ for Pipetting Practice!
  • Large Color Coded Push Tabs for Easy Lid Insertion & Removal
  • Pour Spout for Buffer Disposal
  • Improved Ventilation Reduces Lid Condensation
  • User Replaceable Electrodes
  • Chamber Reverse Compatible with Previous Edvotek® Accessories
  • US Design Patent No. D749,235
  • Made in USA


Group size: For 1 or 2 Lab Groups

M12 Complete™ Electrophoresis Package Includes:


  • (2) 7 x 7 cm Gel Trays
  • (1) 14 x 7 cm Gel Tray
  • (2) 6/8 Tooth Combs
  • (4) Rubber End Caps
  • (1) DNA DuraGel™

Instructional Videos:



 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

 Visualizing DNA

 Micropipetting Basics


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