TruBlu™ 2 Blue/White Transilluminator (27 x 15 cm)


SKU : 557

หมวดหมู่ : 12. Lab Equipment Transluminator (UV / LED) EDVOTEK

แบรนด์ : EVDOTEK


The successor to the popular TruBlu™ has been improved with an enlarged viewing surface and a novel white light mode. Blue light enables visualization of SYBR® Safe stained DNA gels and white light enhances visualization of blue stained DNA or protein gels. It may also be used to brilliantly illuminate fluorescence in green fluorescent proteins (gfp). The TruBlu™ 2 has enough surface area to simultaneously view up to eight 7 x 7 cm gels and combines the functions of two units into one!


  • High Density LED Dual Blue/White Light Modes
  • Large Viewing Surface: 27 x 15 cm
  • Orange Contrast Lid
  • Safe - Non-UV Wavelength
  • Built-in Fan Minimizes Condensation
  • Blue Light Emission Spectrum Centered Around 470 nm
  • Universal Voltage for Worldwide Use  




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