Gellan Gum, CultureGel™



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Transparency (Clarity): ≥ 80%.
Do not use with media containing high levels of calcium such as DKW and Quoirin & Lepoivre. Also if divalent cation (Ca2+, Mg2+) concentrations are below that of 1/2X MS (e.g., our Orchid Maintenance Medium with Charcoal and without Agar) you may need to increase the g/L to obtain free-standing gels. This gelling agent requires melting at 121°C. If your autoclave doesn't reach that temperature for 15-20 min the final gel may appear clumpy.

Note:   Kanamycin is known to lose activity when used with gellan gums. We DO NOT recommend its use with gellan gums.

Product Information

SolubilityBoiling Water
Physical FormSolid
Other NotesPlant Tissue Culture Tested
Product NumberG434
CAS Number71010-52-1
SynonymsCulturegel Type I-Biotech Grade
Gelling Strength> 800 g/cm2


shipping and storage

Storage Temp.Room Temperature
Tariff Code3913.90.2090

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