Guanidine thiocyanate



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แบรนด์ : Glentham Life Sciences (UK)


Synonyms: Guanidinium rhodanide; Guanidinium thiocyanate

Guanidine thiocyanate is a chaotropic agent, protein denaturant and protector of DNA and RNA. The thiocyanate has an enzyme (nuclease) inhibiting function which, combined with its ability to protect nucleic acids, makes it useful in the study of DNA and RNA. It can be used to deactivate viruses so that they can be studied safely. It is used in PCR, Northern and Southern blotting.

Product Detail

Glentham Code : GE1694
Product Categories : Biochemicals   Nucleosides & Nucleotides   Raw Materials (IVD)   Thiocyanates   COVID-19 Research & Diagnostics  
CAS RN : 593-84-0
Alternative CAS RNs : 113-00-8
EC Number : 209-812-1
MDL Number : MFCD00013027
PubChem Substance ID : 310274365
Storage Temperature : +20°C
Shipping Temperature : Ambient
Harmonised Tariff Code : 2925290090

Product Specification

Physical Description : Colourless crystals or white crystalline powder
Solubility (20% in water) : Clear, colourless solution
Melting Point : 117.0 - 123.0 °C
Assay : ≥ 99.5%
Specification Version : 1.2