Smart Biotech Labs

SBIO or S Biotec Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Smart Science Group (Thailand). We provide the high-quality scientific products to assure that our customer will obtain the best possible scientific research solutions and services. We have the mastering to provide more reasonable priced products to our customers without the sacrifice of quality. We value the opportunity to assist our clients to deliver the new products and accomplish the research works and to build a long term successful partner relationship.

  • Pipettes Tips
  • Centrifuge Tubes
  • Micro-centrifuge Tubes
  • Cryo Tubes
  • Serological Pipettes
  • ELISA Plates
  • Deep well plates
  • PCR Plates
  • PCR Tubes & Strips
  • Racks & Boxes
  • Petri Dishes
  • Loop, Needle & Spreader

Country of Origin: Thailand



Molecular Biology Grade

ขายแล้ว 0 ชิ้น

1,690 THB ฿1,690
1,500 THB ฿1,500 -11%



Molecular Biology Grade

ขายแล้ว 1 ชิ้น

1,250 THB ฿1,250


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