Antibody Production
Whether you desire antibodies for Western Blot or Immunohistochemistry, ELISA or ambitious projects that are highly-specialized to your lab, Bio Basic can help you obtain the results that you need. Our antibody synthesis packages are structured give you the freedom to synthesize (from cDNA, peptide or protein) an antibody that will be successful in basic applications or guaranteed to work in your assay of choice. Our qualified team of scientists will assist you in selecting the best package for your project’s goals and will keep you informed throughout the anitbody production process.

 Polyclonal Antibody Production
Bio Basic's Polyclonal Antibody Service is designed to supply you with custom, affinity purified pAbs that are guaranteed to detect your antigen of choice using ELISA (titer >1:50,000) and dot blot assays. Unlike other facilities, all Bio Basic’s packages include free antigen design as well as no extra cost for additional boosts and screenings following immunization; in addition, packages which guarantee pAbs that will work in your assay of choice are also available for your ultimate peace of mind. Our peptide-supplied and protein-supplied packages are equipped to handle any antigen; our experienced scientists will conjugate your peptide and subject your protein to rigorous quality control prior to immunization to optimize serum antibody yield.

Service Protocol:
1. Antigen design, synthesis and conjugation.
2. Immunization of 2-4 New Zealand rabbits.
3. Additional boosts and screenings (ELISA, dot blot).
4. Serum separation from blood clot and serum collection (antibodies in rabbit blood).
5. Affinity Purification (Protein A/G or Antigen).
6. Antibody validation (ELISA, dot blot).

Project Process

Peptide PackageStandardติดต่อฝ่ายขาย
Protein PackagesStandard
Phospho-Specific PackagesStandard

Deliverables :  Pre-immune serum, 1mg antigen, rabbit antiserum, and purified antibody
Antibody Purification : Antigen-affinity Purification Protein (Guaranteed Type), A/G Purification (Standard Type)

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