CES Services
Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing (CES) is a service that analyzes DNA sequences using a biochemical method. The CES service of Macrogen maximizes customer satisfaction with various service lineups such as identification services, which involves the differentiation and identification of species of living organisms, fragment analysis services, and customized sequencing services newly applied from the existing sequencing method, as well as standard sequencing that is the most common service.

CES is used in a wide range of fields such as a basic research in molecular biology, breeding research, genetic disease research, paternity confirmation and forensic research, and has become a key in the continued development of life sciences.

Separate online order system is also available for customers’ convenience so that they can request a desired service. Monitoring of all processes and follow-up for the results are provided for each ordered sample. 

SNP/Mutation Analysis

If you select a gene part of your choice and send us a sample, we will provide you with the entire testing process from genomic DNA extraction to sequence analysis.

We provide services to analyze genetic differences in Genome, such as SNP and Mutation, through base sequence analysis using Macrogen’s Sanger sequencing method.

· SNP(Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Discovery Analysis
· Point mutation, in/del mutation, assemble data analysis
· Target gene exon sequencing
· NGS Data validation

Price/Reaction* (THB)

* ราคายังไม่รวม vat 7%
หมายเหตุ รอบการสั่งสังเคราะห์ทุกวันพฤหัสของสัปดาห์ ระยะเวลาได้รับสินค้าไม่เกิน 7-14 วัน

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