Long Read Sequencing

Long Read Sequencing
Researchers continue to face challenges in finishing genomes, characterizing variations, and understanding the function of key biological markers although NGS technology has dramatically developed. Achieving accurate read lengths of 1,000 base pairs (bp) or longer in a single sequencing reaction is valuable for investigators in many areas of research.
Macrogen introduces PacBio RS II / Sequel sequencing technology to resolve the long reads (up to 10kb) of DNA strand, allowing observation of structural and cell type variation not clarified by the other sequencing technologies. The flexibility of the sequencing systems of long reads in Macrogen allows you to switch easily between platforms and applications as investigational needs change in the dynamic research environment.

Sequencing Platforms

  • PacBio RS II/ PacBio Sequel

Genome Finishing & De novo Assembly

  • Support of multiple applications: genome finishing, metagenomics, De nova assembly, meta-assembly with long & short reads.
  • High-quality reads of up to 20Kb

Whole Human Genome Phasing

  • Examines the unique haplotype content of two homologous chromosome
  • One assay to phase over 94% of heterozygous SNPs and lnDels
  • Simple push-button analysis within a day


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