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Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), Fraction V, Protease Free



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Product Description

GoldBio BSA is a highly purified, lyophilized albumin, suitable for Westerns, enzyme systems, protein standards, hybridizations and as a protease-sensitive immunoassays. It is also perfectly suitable as a nutrient in cell culture media, with low interference and backgrounds and is ideal for most standard molecular biology experiments. BSA protein is a single polypeptide chain consisting of ~583 amino acid residues and no carbohydrates and is approximately 66 kDa in size. Fraction V refers to the fifth fraction of the original Cohn purification of plasma proteins using cold ethanol precipitation and is still commonly used as a name for bovine serum albumin regardless of purification method.

Our BSA is protease and certified TSE free, manufactured in the United States in a closed loop system from USDA-inspected, healthy animals located in the US.

Product Specifications
Albumin Bovine Serum, Fraction V
BSA, Bovine Albumin


MW: ~66 kDa

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C.

Product Specifications

Catalog IDA-420
CAS #9048-46-8
MW~66 kDa
Storage/HandlingStore at 4°C.